Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Graphic Novel Review - Magic Trixie Sleeps Over by Jill Thompson

Magic Trixie Sleeps Over by Jill Thompson. Harpertrophy, 2008.

Young witch Trixie has absolutely the coolest and nicest family ever, but Trixie doesn't see it that way. In particular, she's fed up with her futzy bedtime routines - all that teeth-brushing and bathing and such.
When her friends tell her they don't have to do that stuff before bed, Trixie decides to sleep over at each of their houses in turn. Naturally, what at first seems exotic and nifty soon palls - her werewolf friend Loupie Garou plays too rough and eats dog food, her mummy friend Nefi sleeps in a sarcophagus and doesn't eat, her frankenstein-like friend Stitch Patch gets dismantled and put in jars at bedtime, and the vampire twins sleep in the graveyard in a hole they dig themselves. Trixie's warm and inviting house starts to look pretty darn good, and she is more than happy to get back home - even if it does mean having to brush her teeth every night.
The stylish, full-color artwork is appealing and the text is spare yet charming, perfect for both reluctant and eager readers. Trixie's witchy life-style and magical, loving parents will strike a chord with plenty of kids - I know I dig her dad's dashing goatee and her mom's bat-wing hair barrette, and if I just had a magic wand to wave, housework would be so much more fun.
A light and easy romp for readers ages 7 and up.

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