Sunday, October 18, 2009


Which, as those of you J-culture afficionados know, means "cute!" in Japanese.

This Cake Wrecks post has compelled me to share with you my very own (albeit copied from craft books) Japanese-inspired kawaii creations. These are just the cuties lying around the house at the moment - I've made and given away many more.

It's a sickness - but a good way to keep busy while watching videos.

And here's a wikipedia article on the Japanese cuteness phenomenon.


  1. I share your fondness for all crafts Japanese, Eva! I have a tiny collection of Japanese craft books that's one of my greatest sources of crafty inspiration. Nuigurumi, anyone?

  2. And if only I could crochet - amigurumi!

  3. I love those those are sooooo cute! I tried to make the tiny felt ones but got the wrong felt :(

  4. Don't forget to go to the "Three Apples Hello Kitty" 35th Anniversary of Hello Kitty exhibition in Culver City!