Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Chair That Susan Sat In

To find out the previous illustrious occupant of my office chair, please see this interview that Kathryn Maurice did of me for her blog A Twisted Clump of Seaweed.

Kathryn Maurice is the author of the acclaimed The Year The Swallows Came Early - and she recently told me she has a couple of amazing books up her sleeve. Read her blog to stay tuned!


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  2. OK, let me tell you about that chair, which is a saint among chairs.

    All those years it came through with never a complaint--the hours we spent together, for instance, ordering Opening Day Collections for new branches. The many occasions I wheeled it ferociously to staff meetings in the outer office, the abuse it suffered when I tried to force it into a lounging position (a crime against nature). I could go on.

    And then (the shame of it) I retired and walked away without a backward glance. But: a confession. Once, when visiting Central Library, I popped in for a peek at my old space and found it reborn, with glowing evidence of Eva's tenure, like a renaissance. And there was that workhouse of a chair, looking happier than it ever had in its whole life.

    Susan Patron

  3. Dear Susan and Eva, I suppose I will have to come sit in the chair for a few minutes the next time I am visiting the library, (if Eva will allow me to) or if I'm experiencing writer's block, maybe the chair can help.

  4. Attractive it is not, but comforting and comfortable, most definitely! You're both welcome to come on in and give it a spin anytime.