Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jennifer Holm and her fabulous t-shirt

It was such a full morning of breakfast, schmoozing, and then two hours of book awards being presented and received that the annual Children's Literature Council of Southern California's Fall Gala is all a bit of a blur. (sort of like this terrible too-dark photo of Jennifer Holm, standing to the left - the best of several I took)

Jennifer Holm's speech does stand out, however - for her lightning-fast sketches, her impromptu phone call to her brother Matt to talk to picture book award winner Berkeley Breathed (if it was a set-up, it worked for me), her drawing contest between Breathed and children's librarian Alicia, her hysterical slide show in which meat loaf figured prominently, and most of all for her Babymouse Dragonslayer t-shirt.

I was sitting fairly far back and couldn't get a good picture of this fabulous garment, which featured chain mail, a heavy belt, and of course a big pink heart. I needed to leave right after the speeches, so I knew I wouldn't be able to stalk Holm during the book-signing portion of the event - but no worries, Holm announced that the shirt was available on her website. Well, darn it - I checked this morning and, although there are plenty of wishlist-worthy items, there is no Babymouse Dragonslayer t-shirt. Phooey. You'll just have to imagine its wonderfulness.

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