Friday, October 2, 2009

fantasy games

One of my regrets about my childhood and teen years is that I never became a Dungeons & Dragons player. I'm sure I would have in a hot minute, given half the chance - as a skinny, bespectacled, fantasy/SF reading, Dr. Who and Star Trek watching nerd with a pompous vocabulary, those D & Ders would have been My People.

But I never got the chance somehow. There must have been some around in my junior high, but I didn't recognize the awesomeness of what those geeky boys were doing with their many-sided dice and elaborate pencil scribbles.

I did play this knock-off Lord of the Rings board game in the late 70s - and loved it, dorky as it was.

The appeal of online role-playing games is obvious to me - but they're just too complex, not to mention time-consuming. I'd rather just read a great fantasy book.

That said, fans of the Septimus Heap series might want to check out the new website, which features a game of sorts. It has cool maps, always a fine thing, but the quizzes floored me. Time to re-read!

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