Friday, May 15, 2009

Monica makes me wish I had become a teacher!

One of the beauties of belonging to the Kidlitosphere is getting to peer out from my own office at LAPL to get a glimpse of what outstanding teachers, public librarians, school librarians, authors, and other professionals are accomplishing. The innovative ways they are sharing books with kids never fail to inspire me.

Monica Edinger's commitment to books and kids knocks my socks off. Check out her recent post on student blogs and then go to the wiki she created (correction - the wiki was created by Ellen Nickles) on using blogs as a teaching method with her fourth grade students.

Those lucky students! And lucky me, because my creative wheels are spinning madly. How can children's librarians in public libraries use blogs and other interactive 2.0 technology to enhance their mission to get "the right book to the right child"? We have quite a few restrictions - technological, administrative, and so on - but that makes the challenge all the more tantalizing.

To all you dedicated and creative professionals out there - keep rocking my world! It's good to get shaken up on a regular basis.

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  1. Thanks so much! Just a note that the wiki was actually put together by, one of my fellow-presenters, Ellen Nickles, thought it does link to my classroom projects, the class and student blogs, and such. The powerpoint is mostly mine with some stuff from Ellen and Jenny.