Friday, May 15, 2009

An attempt at "Scratching"

After reading this article on Scratch in the May 2009 issue of School Library Journal, I was compelled to try it out.

My old brain had some serious difficulties, but after a great deal of experimenting, I figured out how to do this (I think you just click on the image to start it up):

Scratch Project

I'd like to figure out how to make my cat more animated - that's my next project! And if my computer had a microphone (d'oh!), I could have used my own voice instead of typing out Little Kitty's messages.

Definitely go check out the projects on Scratch - kids are having a good ol' time designing games, animation, and more.


  1. Why no jumping on the furniture? Isn't this all about making the environment child-friendly? Remember the mantra of extreme customer service: why would we NOT allow that?

  2. And I *suppose* (said with a moue of disapproval) we should let the little tykes pull all the books off the shelves, as well!

    Seriously - I think it's totally okay to teach kids that furniture is for sitting or lounging on...

    This is such a cool program - if I were more savvy, I could make "cat in library" totally interactive - you'd be able to bounce Kitty on the pillow and a librarian might come out to say "let's read a book together!" And so on. But it was all too much for me...

  3. Could you have the kids play with SCRATCH and other 2.0 apps at Camp LAPL?

  4. I'm glad that you played around with this, Eva! Now, to incorporate Scratch into the Kids Path experience... ;)