Thursday, May 28, 2009

It (almost) makes me wish I was a teen again

But then again, the nerdy, not-a-joiner teen that I was would never dream of entering a super-cool contest like this.

The funny thing is, I've listened to two of those three fantasy series on audiobook (the Gemma Doyle trilogy and the Percy Jackson books) and I loved them both. And I coincidentally just put the audiobook of the first Legend of Beka Cooper book on hold.

AND I've been experimenting (in an extremely lame manner - see this effort, plus this one (ha, notice how I slipped those in - but I earned some bragging rights, people, okay?)) with making movies. Nothing creative so far, but that's got to be the next step, right?

So this would be the perfect contest for me, if only I were 25 or 30 years younger - like in this picture (which even seems to have been taken on a road trip!).

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