Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why I could never be a teacher...

We've been hosting a "summer camp" for kids at the library every morning this week. I'll blog about it later (after I've recovered) - but for now, because I am somewhat brain-dead from being with 25 high-energy kids all morning, I'll give you a couple good links instead.

(The best thing about being a children's librarian? You get to hang out with kids - but not all day! There is also plenty of interaction with grown-ups. Teachers have my whole-hearted admiration, 'cause it takes an amazing sort of person to hang with kids all day long)

Okay, now that you think I'm one of those crabby, curmudgeony librarians...

Want some good books to hand to 6th graders? Read this post from The Reading Zone for suggestions from real live 6th graders on what the next class of 6th graders should absolutely, positively not miss reading.

And under the category of "posts I wish I'd written," please see On Fantasy and Why I Read It from the Things Mean a Lot blog.

Oh goodness, it's only Tuesday...

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