Monday, June 8, 2009

48-hour challenge - final tally

I read and blogged pretty much straight from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm last night, bringing my total reading and blogging time to 13 hours.

Not particularly impresssive, but I did meet MotherReader's suggested minimum goal of 12 hours, so that's something.

I finished two books that had already been started, started and finished another two, and got half-way through a fifth (Gone by Michael Grant, which is a quite a thrilling page-turner).

What I discovered is that, though I really thought I would relish the excuse to sit my butt down on the couch and simply read straight through the day, this was not the case. My workweek is extremely busy, so weekends are luxurious not just for the opportunity to catch up on reading, but also to get all those things done that add to the comfort and beauty of one's surroundings and to one's own well-being.

So, in addition to reading, I cooked, ran, saw a movie, chatted with the kids, chatted with Beaker the attention-hungry parrot, played with our rats, watered the garden, and basically enjoyed myself.

It was a wonderful weekend!


  1. Good for you, I read a book over the weekend called "The Red Rose Box" you should check out a review at my site. It was a wonderful book.

    Not only did I read, I ran, played with the kids, went grocery shopping "which I loath", emailed some connections and talked to the neighbors, went to visit some family...Geez, sometimes it feels like I do more on the weekends than during the week.

    Anyway...Happy Blogging!

  2. Great reading! I always find that the reading weekend is too much of a good thing, but I love the challenge of it and I really love knocking a bunch of books off my TBR list in one weekend.

    Thanks for playing.

  3. For some strange reason, no-one nominated Gone for the Cybils last year, and so I didn't read it...someday!

  4. Gone is really intense! I'm almost done - will post a review tomorrow. Sherry, I've been meaning to read The Red Rose Box for ages! And thanks, MotherReader, for an inspiring challenge.