Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great children's book characters

Here is what they're discussing on the Cooperative Children's Book Center listserv:

Character-Driven: Favorite Characters in Children’s and Young Adult Literature. You know who they are. The characters that stand out because of, or sometimes in spite of, the story of which they are a part. Characters that live on in your imagination long after the story ends. During the second part of June, we invite you to talk about your favorite characters in children’s and young adult literature, whether they are old friends from childhood, or welcome new acquaintances.

Sign up here to join the discussion - or just to read folks' inspired contributions. Every time I'm about to send in my thoughts, someone beats me to it or comes up with a character I would have thought of - eventually (Harriet Walsch! Turtle Wexler from the Westing Game! Ferdinand the Bull!). What about Charlotte the spider? Or Olivia the pig? Someone voted for Ramona, but I adore Beezus (yeah, I'm an older sister...).

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