Sunday, June 7, 2009

I am SO not winning this challenge...

...unless the whole point is to make reading a priority for one weekend and to have lots of fun, in which case things are just fine. Because stress and pressure make me all sweaty and nervous, I have done other stuff when I felt like it this weekend - sleeping, cooking, laundry (I like doing laundry, okay?), and movie-going. But there has been lots of reading going on, too.

But NOT anywhere close to my fellow bloggers. 25 hours! 33 hours! 15 books read! Yes, I AM a slacker. But a well-rested, well-fed one (lotsa pasta, lotsa cupcakes).

I read 2 hours last night (finished The Magic Thief: Lost - here's my review - and started Also Known as Harper by Leal).

Didn't start reading until 12:30 pm today (unless the Sunday paper counts. It doesn't? Rats), but then read for 2 hours and finished Also Known as Harper. Review to come soon.

Read blogs and posted my own for 1 hour.

Total time spent reading and blogging so far - 10 hours. But it's only 4 pm and I've got until 9:30 tonight!

And now it's time to start Gone.


  1. I have some guilt with my time count also, but at least I tried, right?

  2. I wasn't able to do the challenge because I had plans to go out of town, but I hope to do it next year. I am excited to see your Also Known as Harper review. I hope to get a copy and read it soon.

  3. The review is coming up! And yep, the main thing is we got a lot of good reading done. Not a bad weekend by any means...

  4. Sounds like a nearly perfect weekend to me. Did you get any running in?

  5. It's all about the experience. (I say, knowing I didn't win that grand prize drawing for my son. :-) )