Friday, June 12, 2009

More need, less library

This video segment on the huge demand for libraries is no surprise to any librarian:

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The City of Los Angeles announced that most city agencies would completely shut down on the second and fourth Friday of every month, starting July 10. Yes, that means every Los Angeles Public Library branch, as well as our Central Library, will be closed an additional two days a month.

LA City Parks and Recreation Centers will also be shut down on those days.

The LA Unified School District has cancelled summer school for all elementary and middle school children and for most high school children.

Meanwhile, families are struggling more than ever and don't have the money for vacations, summer camp, and movies - not to mention daycare.

We're going to have some busy, busy libraries this summer! Hopefully we'll convert some first-time visitors into life-long library customers - this is an amazing opportunity and not to be wasted.

But those second and fourth Fridays are going to be difficult indeed - for the people of LA who need their libraries and other city services, and for LA city employees who are all taking a 10% pay cut.

And I haven't even mentioned the impending layoffs...

The mood here is as gloomy as the weather, which has been unremittingly gray and cool.

But - LA Public Library has just hired a new City Librarian after more than a year without a leader at our helm! More on Martin Gomez in my next post.


  1. I don't know what to think about the grim future in general of California being bankrupt. This is so sad. We did have a good run there. VICKI MAGAW

  2. When times get tough, tough librarians get creative! We'll come out of this even stronger than before...

  3. I'm worried about the enthusiastic, talented, new library school grads. Where will they find jobs? Will they leave the field? We need their energy and commitment now, more than ever.


  4. We love our library and the entire Wisconsin library system. Hooray for libraries and librarians.