Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1970s - the golden age of British television

My Netflix queue spit out a wonderful surprise yesterday - Children of the Stones arrived. I first heard about this 1977 British TV mini-series from this post from Charlotte's Library and knew I had to watch it.

Hoo boy! 7 episodes of campy, spooky fun, with a bit of Stepford Wives (eerily smart and serene villagers who say "Happy Day!" in greeting) and plenty of Stonehenge-y, ritualistic, ley line-filled goodness. The late 70s pouffy hair styles and high-waisted pants brought back quite a few memories - I was 12 in 1977 and would have loved this series (and certainly would have thought young Matt was hot). And even now, it sort of creeped me out just the tiniest bit. And then I crawled into bed and read Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger, thus ensuring that I slept poorly all night long.

For a tiny taste, here is how each show opens. Turn up the volume on your computer to savor the fuh-reaky wailing/moaning soundtrack.


  1. How cool that you actually went for it! And that it was fun!

  2. that was definitely creepy music...I'm definitely going to look into this show!