Friday, December 5, 2008

Horn Book Best of 2008

Here is another list that leaves off those three hugely buzzed titles Savvy, The Underneath, and Chains. I'm not even going to bother hyperlinking those titles.

That said, there are some delights here. I was happy to see, among many other gems, Dowd's The London Eye Mystery, Lanagan's Tender Morsels, and McKay's Forever Rose.

In picture books are two of my absolute faves - Grey's Traction Man Meets Turbodog and Kohara's Ghosts in the House!

Amidst the usual suspects in nonfiction is Greenberg and Jordan's Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Through the Gates and Beyond which is a readable and stunning art book.


  1. Notice how many of the titles for fiction are either YA or British. It's going to be an interesting year for Newbery. I'm betting that we'll see some nonfictionin the winners' circle.

  2. I know the feeling about book lists. Monday evening I stopped at the Christian Science Reading Room ( on Manchester around the corner from the book store where I work part -time ) to use their reference library.There on the front desk was the latest C. S. Monitor with its best books of 2008 - I have to have it!In the mix, David Wroblewski's Hamlet-like The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and more.What's a body to do! Well,I guess I won't be reread Clarke's 2010 with its mind stretching gravitional slingshot.
    Hmmm more to love!

  3. I'm feeling more optimistic about catching up with my reading, as a trip I was to take in late December has been cancelled (and yet I still have the vacation time!).
    Yes, I kept reading books and thinking "Newbery" and realizing they weren't eligible. Perhaps it really will be the year for nonfiction.