Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ohwah tuhdor kyam

As if there were any doubt of my dorkiness, I re-discovered several documents from junior high in my files.

Item #1 - A "Certificate of Merit" awarded to me on June 15, 1979 (end of 8th grade) by the principal of the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, for "outstanding participation in literature."
Well, okay, that's pretty good, though I suspect it was merely an acknowledgment of my bookwormy ways.

Item #2 - Another "Certificate of Merit" from the same year, for "most improved in P.E." Yeah. That throws a different light on the first certificate, doesn't it?

Item #3 - My Junior High School Diploma, presented by the LA Unified School District in June 1980, was awarded to "Eva Galadriel Walter."

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Yes, outwardly I was a painfully skinny, bespectacled 9th-grader, but inside - I was Elfin Royalty!

Which reminds me that I need to start thinking of a costume for my first-ever Comic Con this July. My 15-year-old is going as Gaara, but the possibilities are limited for middle-aged women like me. I could be Hermione - 30 years later (I've got the hair for it) - but my dream (which will remain strictly unfulfilled, thank you very much) is to go as a Na'vi - specifically Neytiri's mother Mo'at. Blue skin, long beaded hair, skinny bod, a tail! Plus, everyone would know who I was supposed to be.


  1. Why not go as Galadriel?

  2. Well, that's a thought! Long ethereal gown and a conveniently concealing hooded cape - hey...

  3. Re your title. We always sang it as Awa tagoo Siam - the Siamese national Anthem, we liked to think. Great to set up our unsuspecting teachers that way.