Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sartorial diversion

It's been a long and trying week. First I botched a lecture on collection development to my Library Services and Programs for Children class (a topic I know and love!! It was like one of those nightmares in which you're slogging endlessly through mud, knowing you're asleep but unable to wake up), then there was the whole Newbery situation, and then I got rained on during my run today. Twice!

In response, I've decided not to get dressed today and am lounging about all day in a frayed robe, pink flowered long johns, and ancient orange mukluks, a look that I sport so often at home that my kids both whispered "That's so YOU" during the latest Harry Potter movie - referring to the eccentric (even for a wizard) Xenophilius Lovegood and his limp-cardigan-over-saggy-leggings style.

Comfortable this look may be, but it makes a person feel rather shabby, especially while reading the latest Foundling (previously Monster Blood Tattoo) book by D.M. Cornish, Factotum. The fanciful and ornate clothing of his characters is so lovingly described and illustrated that one can only long for the glory days of vests and jackets and overcoats and buckles and stockings and breeches and scarves and gloves and tricorn hats and about a dozen other articles of clothing (or "halter") - all worn at the same time. This is my heroine Europe, looking fabulous as usual.

Or perhaps those days are here already. In the paper today was a brief description of designer Thom Browne's Fall/Winter 2011 menswear collection, which struck a chord in my fantasy/steampunk soul. Clothing like this would certainly enliven the ol' Central Library...

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