Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not off to a good start

We're already 6 days into the New Year and I've only written ONE blog post?? It's a good thing that my New Year's Resolutions do NOT include writing regular blog posts but DO include reading my little heart out.

I've been reading so much - and such a variety - that I'm behind in my reviews. Here, therefore, are just a couple super-short blurbs. And then - off to ALA and plenty of fodder for plenty of posts.

Silberberg, Alan. Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze. Aladdin, 2010.

This reminded me a bit of Angleberger's The Strange Case of Origami Yoda but with a more poignant backstory (the death of Milo's mother a few years before and the subsequent dysfunction of his family). There are silly, childlike drawings of middle school kids and plenty of middle school nerdly angst - and also Milo's attempts first to bury and and then to deal with the memories of his mom. The touching elements of this book crept up on me slowly and by surprise - wasn't loving it for the first few chapters but was sold by the end.

Stroud, Jonathan. The Ring of Solomon. Disney Hyperion, 2010.

If the first three Bartimaeus books drove you crazy with their pompous protagonist and their endless footnotes, this will, too. But since, as far as I'm concerned, Bartimaeus is the rockin'est djinni ever (and Stroud can do no wrong), this is one fabulous, satisfying read. 'nuff said.


  1. Agreed about Milo: slow start, but it really grew on you. Also agreed about Bartimaeus: rockin'est djinni ever.:-D

  2. I'm leaving for ALA tomorrow too--I hope to run into you in San Diego. Will you be at the unofficial YA bloggers event at the Hilton on Friday night? They're apparently expecting a good crowd of bloggers, publicists, etc. Here's a link to all the info if you hadn't heard about it:

  3. Ah, yes, I'm so sad not to be in San Diego for ALA. It's for a great reason though -- I've been asked to serve on the Georgia Picture Book Award Committee, so I'm using my vacation time for that.

    Enjoy San Diego! They're predicting snow this weekend for us Atlantans!

  4. Brr! I thought they called it "Hotlanta"...Congrats on your committee, Madigan!
    I overbooked myself on Friday so can't attend the bloggers event, Margo - but I'll look for you.