Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wallowing in Warm 2.0 Mud

Yesterday was a gorgeous, breezy day, so we left the door open and enjoyed some fresh air during the 2010 Spring Workshop held by the Children's Literature Council of Southern California.

The topic was Old Passions, New Technologies: Children's and Young Adult Literature in a Web 2.0 World. My fellow panelists were illustrious indeed:
I know!! And their talks were amazing, entertaining, and informative. Hopefully they will upload their presentations at the CLC workshop wiki.

I represented the librarian/dilettante contingent and so my presentation was a bit vague - half of it was about the joys of the blogosphere (and more particularly the kidlitosphere) for children's book addicts and half was about fun and free 2.0 tools to use (as a blogger or with kids or teens) to enhance, extend, and promote children's literature and creativity in general.

I'm not sure if the presentation will make sense without my spiel, but at least the links may be useful to you. Here it is below:


  1. I was lucky enough to make it to the workshop--Eva gave a terrific presentation so be sure to check it out! I loved learning about all the resources she mentioned as well--almost all of which were new to me. I will definitely be trying some of them out. Thanks Eva!

  2. Now I feel as if I were lucky enough to make it to the workshop! I got such a surprise to see my blog on the screen in your rss section too!

    I think using google docs for this sort of presentation, and being able to embed other content like music and images really makes it so interesting and colourful. Web 2.0 tools rock!

  3. Good to see you there, Margo! And Book Chook, it is so appropriate that your blog was up in my feed reader, because I've gotten so many ideas from you (Bookr and Storybird, for example...). Thank you!

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  5. Sorry - I deleted my comment - I love this post and thank you SO much for sharing your presentation! I created a site for kids to make their own comics - they can use downloadable art OR text or create their own, digitally. I want it to help get kids writing. If you're interested, it's at

    Again, thanks Eva, for sharing!

  6. So nice to meet you at the event Eva!