Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not a casserole...

In fact, barely an appetizer.  I haven't had time to write a juicy, nourishing, and tasty post for several days now.  Clearly I should take Lee's advice and start writing blogs ahead of time for just these sorts of doldrums.

Or could the trouble be with my blog brand - or lack of it?  Charlotte has some good things to say about that.  In my head, my brand is "anything and everything, as long as it relates to children's or YA literature and/or library services."  Hopefully that's what comes across to readers!

Or maybe the problem is that I'm feeling inadequate and even a bit distraught that I didn't take part in Travis' non-traditional nonfiction reviews contest.  Dang, we've got some creative bloggers out there!  I was going to do something with Glogster but then forgot.  D'oh.

Next time I'll get straight to the dessert...


  1. Loved your "those who don't" links.

  2. I wanted to do a non-traditional non-fiction review too but I was too intimidated! There's a new picture book biography of the Kennedy brothers and I was going to do a song to the tune of O Tannenbaum (O Kennedys...) or do the review as a letter from Rose Kennedy to the authors, but my cleverness only went so far and I wound up with nothing! I even looked at the comic strip sites he mentioned and was going to have Michelle Obama reading the picture book of the Kennedys to her girls in comic book form--again, just too ambitious!