Monday, May 17, 2010

Must be hungry...

...or maybe I have some kind of vitamin deficiency, because food-related blog items keep popping out at me.

First, there are these delicious children's book-themed cakes from Cake Wrecks.

And then there are these wonderfully obsessive posts from Anna the Red, in which she re-creates meals from various Miyazaki films. I've always been fascinated by the fish casserole from Kiki's Delivery Service, and apparently I'm not alone. For all the photos, check out Anna's Flickr page.

And finally we have the Book Chook, who is creating a digital cookbook called (are you ready for this?) - the "Book Chook Cook Book!" Is that not the best book title ever? We all get to contribute, and this post tells you how.

Now it's time to eat a cookie.


  1. Wow, I love those book cakes, they're amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I loved those cute wild things cupcakes. They are the perfect size for little hands to grab after having the book read to them!

  3. Food is a recurring theme in my trilogy series, Royal Magician of Oz.
    In Magician of Oz, it's Potato Soup, in Shadow Demon of Oz, it's the Reuben Samich and in Family of Oz (due out next year), it's Blackberry Cobbler.
    By the time you've read all 3 books, you've had soup, samich and dessert.

  4. Thanks for spreading the word about the Eva-inspired CookBook!