Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Newbery Buzz, getting louder and louder

Until I have time to create my own fabulous posts and/or finish some of the bazillion books I'm reading, I'll have to simply link to my fellow bloggers.

Although you've probably already seen this, I just have to point out Betsy Bird's Fuse #8 predict-o-rama post. I love her "won't win" predictions - very interesting slant on the usual predictable predicting lists.

This Heavy Medal post by Nina Lindsay gives succinct summaries of the discussions of their Mock Newbery short list. I yearn to be on the Newbery Committee some day - but this is tiding me over in the meantime.

By the way, the winners they chose have awakened my old Newbery fear - that I won't have read them! This does happen more often than I'd like, and I haven't yet read The Porcupine Year or After Tupac and D Foster (although they're on my shelf at home, along with Nation and a few others). Let's hope that by the time the Newberys are announced, I'll have read EVERYTHING and won't have quickly put my name in the hold queue for the winner.

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