Sunday, January 25, 2009

All a-quiver with award fever

All right, that post title didn't quite rhyme, but close enough for government work...

Determined to have read at least the major Printz and Newbery winners, if not the honors, I tore madly through Kristin Cashore's Graceling this weekend (oh yes! Shades of Tamora Pierce and Alison Croggon, but with its own fearsome energy. I want to be Katsa in my next life, but only if I can have Po...) and will finish John Green's Paper Towns by bedtime (I'm loving it, much to my surprise. I found Looking for Alaska to be fairly annoying, but Paper Towns has a deliciously loose and free vibe - Green really gives his inner geek free rein, with nerdtastic results). Madapple and The Knife of Never Letting Go and many others remain unread, vibrating impatiently on my shelf.

So - the awards will be announced tomorrow morning, and while I will be happy with any number of books as winners (it was a really good year, wasn't it?), here are the books that are close to my heart and would give me extra pleasure if they happen to be winners:

Newbery - Horvath's My One Hundred Adventures or Appelt's The Underneath
Caldecott - Nelson's We Are the Ship
Printz - Lanagan's Tender Morsels or Green's Paper Towns

At 7:45 am MT (which is 6:45 am Eva M. time), I'll be hunched in front of my work computer, cheering madly along with all the rest of you book-addled folks.

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