Saturday, July 25, 2009

Or maybe Severus Snape/Jo March...

So last night my almost 15-year-old daughter wandered into the kitchen where I was puttering about and said (continuing a labyrinthine musing about anime, manga, fan fic, fantasy, and her own characters that has been going on for months. Make that years), "So my OTP used to be AkuRoku, which is Axel and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2, but now it's Louis and Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles - but that's kinda canon."

Me: Huh? (this, by the way, is at least evidence that I was listening. Usually my response is more along the lines of "uh-huh...")

Nadia: What?

Me: What's OTP?

Nadia then explained that it stands for One True Pairing and is a standard term in Fan Fic circles. It's the couple that you think is meant to be together.

Me: (as my husband walks into the kitchen) You mean like Daddy and me.

Nadia: (rolling her eyes) No, you guys are canon. It's more like two people who aren't together in the book or movie but would be perfect together. It doesn't even have to be the same book.

My husband: So more like your mom and Keanu Reeves. (my hubby knows me so well)

Nadia: Yeah, kinda.

Well, this got me thinking about my own OTP. Having recently seen the movie, the Harry Potter universe sprang immediately to mind - and of course many other folks have given much thought to a Harry/Hermione pair or perhaps (maybe I'm getting a little crazy here) Draco/Luna. Woo!

Nadia and I both think that Ruby Oliver (of Lockhart's The Boy Book et al) would be happiest if she avoided all boys at her claustrophobic little school and dated hunky Angelo instead (she did have a chance - and a make-out session - with him, but she messed it up. Oh, Ruby). Nadia floated Ruby/Hutch as an OTP but we decided that was just crazy.

You see the appeal of this - it's almost as much fun as deciding what character you are most similar to (for me, an amalgam of Rabbit and Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh) or what character you would most want to cosplay (Miss Europe from Cornish's Monster Blood Tattoo series).

Yeah, I'm kinda wishing I was at ComicCon this weekend. Since it's sorta hard to find graphica/anime characters that a 40-something lady like me can convincingly play, I think I'd just go as Totoro.


  1. funny! How about Irene (Queen of Attolia) and Lord Peter Whimsey?

  2. Words (and imagination) fail me!

  3. Haha, loving the Draco/Luna pairing. And Jo and Severus? Where did that come from? I suppose they're both of the moody sort.Something to think about!


  4. Jo is both smart and warm-hearted (two qualities Severus needs in a woman, imo) and she wouldn't put up with any of Severus' guff. And I think she'd dig his brooding looks...