Saturday, November 26, 2011

Over and Out - for now

This is going to be my last blog post for quite some time - perhaps even a year or more.  Partly it's that I want to use the time I spend writing posts on other pursuits (mainly more reading) and partly it's because I've been appointed to the 2013 Newbery Committee (I'm almost afraid to announce that, in case I jinx it.  But I've avoided reading any and all manuscripts - so all is good.  All is blissful, in fact.  Yay!!), so posting reviews of 2012 middle-grade books would need to be avoided anyway.

Blogging about children's and YA literature and library services has put me in touch with an amazing, nationwide community of librarians, authors, teachers, parents, and book lovers.  My Google Reader will remain in active use as I continue to follow their blogs.

Huge thanks to all who have read this blog over the past few years.

Feel free to follow my reviews at (though I won't be reviewing any Newbery contenders in 2012). 

I tweet occasionally (mostly library-related stuff) @evamitnick.

Here's wishing you a focused and happy 2012!


  1. Eva, I've enjoyed reading your blog! Good luck with Newbery and maybe we'll see you in 2013! :)

  2. Congratulations on the Newbery Committee. Happy Reading!

  3. I feel bereft! Will miss your ever-thoughtful, inspiring, and insightful posts, the examples of leadership evident in your activities and commitments, and your clear-eyed reviews.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on your Newbery award appointment! That is great news!
    But, boo, to you leaving the blogging scene. I'll miss your thoughtful reviews and updates of how things are going in L.A. :(

    I must confess... I've wanted to serve on a Newbery committee since I was a kid... but the idea of having to give up blogging in order to do so makes my blood run cold. I've made so many dear friends in the blogging community, it would be so hard to miss out on what they all are up to.

    Good luck to you! I'm eager to see who you all will choose as your year's winner.

  5. Thanks, Eva! I've enjoyed following your blog over the past couple years. I know you will enjoy your Newbery assignment. I'm amazed you manage to find time with your work responsibilities! Hope you will check out my blog from time to time!

  6. I'll miss you Eva. Seeing a new post on your blog always made my day and got me thinking. BUT, I am soooo pleased for you being appointed to the Newbery Committee. It is alot of work and reading and thinking and considering - and you definitely are right to clear the decks. It is an amazing experience and is going to stay with you as a something special and rare for the rest of your life.

    I had the privilege of serving once on Caldecott and once on Newbery and I treasure those experiences beyond words. Some people want to serve only on award committees but to me its like too much richness or sweetness. I liked the luxury of being involved in two special moments that have warmed me ever since.

    Savor it, my friend!

  7. Thanks, everyone! It's going to be a fabulous Year of Reading...

  8. Could you please just email me which books you read for which you would have written great reviews? How will I know what to read without your blog?