Friday, April 22, 2011

Maybe it's time to finally buy a Kindle

Seeing as how I like to BORROW my books, not buy them, I've been waiting for this.


  1. Nook, nook, nook! Well, okay, the Kindle is really nice, too.

  2. I dunno... I love my nook. I have a Kindle too, and I thought the nook would feel "too small" but it turns out, it's just right. And I love getting library books on it.
    There are plans afoot to (finally!) allow e-book lending on the Kindle, but no firm plans as to when. The nook is ready to go right now.

  3. Hmm - a while ago, I compared notes on all the devices and it seemed that the Kindle would be best for me - except for that darn inability to download library e-books! But now you guys are making me think again. Argh, I just can't commit. Good thing they still make those board-and-paper books...