Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bof(K)B - end of week 1

School Library Journal's Battle of the (Kids') Books has finished the week with two fascinating matches.

In Round 1, Match 4, Susan Patron reconciles the reactions of not one, not two, but THREE inner readers and chooses Keeper as the winner (my choice, too).  Her comments on the books are not only thoughtful and intelligent, but also sensual.  Patron describes Keeper as being a "pleasingly stocky novel, thick and squarish in the hand," while Hereville has "thick shiny paper" that feels "silky to the touch."  Take that, e-readers!

Karen Hesse's choice of Hind's The Odyssey over One Crazy Summer in Round 1, Match 5 has inspired me to try to find a copy of The Odyssey to start reading at lunch AND to re-read One Crazy Summer.  She even manages to link the two together in an inspired way - "What Hinds, with the help of Homer, teaches us about ourselves is a lesson that, had we learned it earlier might have prevented a year like 1968."

I'm expecting some Big Fun from Adam Rex on Monday.  Smart-ass djinns against my favorite vice!

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