Saturday, December 18, 2010

Berlin day 2

Today wasn't quite as buzzing with activity as I had planned. I got another late start today, thanks to an hours-long bout of insomnia in the wee hours (on the positive side, I got lots of reading done). Nadia decided to stay in the hotel and power-sleep her way through a cold, and anyway, she had no desire to accompany me to the Charlottenburg Schloss. Above is a photo of the palace, with a picturesque part of yet another extensive Christmas market next to it. In addition to dozens of wooden huts selling all manner of food and handicrafts, there were at least 12 little huts selling Gluehwein, and those Germans, especially the older ones with cold bones, were definitely partaking. I decided that 1 pm was a bit early for wine, even the warm and spicy variety, so I settled for a hot cup of Chai.

The Charlottenburg Schloss reminded me of a poor cousin of the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna - it's quite a bit smaller and was heavily damaged in WW2. Although it's been restored, most of the original furniture is no longer there. Still, it's a fascinating look at the Prussian monarchy and at an unimaginable way of life. I spent hours shivering my way from one ornate room to another (the rooms seemed to be heated to all of 55 degrees).

It was a clear and gorgeous day in the early 20s (Fahrenheit) today, and it's supposed to be the same or a bit colder tomorrow. Definitely a museum day, so it's a good thing Nadia has another Robin Hobb book to read. Now, if I can just get her to wear her hat, gloves, and scarf all at the same time (she always seems to think at least one of them ruins her look; no wonder she has a cold).

Thanks to all that insomnia, I've almost finished reading Matched by Ally Condie, which is fabulous. Such a relief to get lost in a book after my lukewarm response to the last two books I read.

Tomorrow - a few flea markets, Kollwitzplatz, and maybe the Museum Island (yes - an island in the middle of the Spree River simply bristling with museums. Bliss!).


  1. Is Kollwitzplatz where the Kathe Kollwitz museum is located? I loved that place.

  2. Weirdly enough, the Kollwitz museum is located in an entirely different part of Berlin - but I did visit both places on Sunday.