Friday, September 3, 2010

More things that cheer me up

1. Candace's series on "52 Ways to Use Your Library Card" on Book, Booker, Bookest. Here's one of my favorites so far.

2. It's Cybils Season! If you blog about children's and/or teen literature, you have until September 15 to apply to be a judge. I was a judge last year for middle-grade SF and fantasy last year, which resulted in reading oodles of great books I might not have even heard of - so it's a great gig for reading addicts.

And keep your eyes peeled for news on nominating titles, which happens in October - 'cause ANYone can recommend books for those hard-working judges to read.

3. It's a Book by Lane Smith. Sometimes I feel sort of out of the loop and far away from the cutting edge because my phone is sweet and durable but not very smart and because I don't tweet or own an MP3 player. But Lane Smith reminds us, in a simple and hilarious way, that it's okay to Love the Book. Especially since the New York Times says that one should really detach one's brain from electronic gadgets once in a while, and perhaps the more, the better.

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