Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Teens Talk About Twilight

Both my girls went to see Twilight this past weekend. Here's what they had to say:

Nadia (age 14):

Nadia has read all the Twilight books and enjoyed them moderately except for the fourth one, which she disliked (I noticed that she finished it, though).

She thought that the movie did a fairly good job adapting the book, especially considering that the book deals so much with Bella's thoughts and feelings. Perhaps that was why there were so many reaction shots of Bella's face "blinking and twitching" as Nadia put it.

She liked the actor who played Charlie quite a bit, but thought the rest were chosen more for their looks than their acting ability. Laurent was "hot" with his bare feet and his dreads. James was the most "inhuman." Edward wasn't at all how she pictured him - he seemed too depressed. The nomads were all great-looking and were the best actors, according to Nadia.

Favorite scene - the baseball game.

Vivian (age 17):

She only read the first book (fantasy not being her thing) but is now reading the second.

She liked the movie much more than her sister did. Although she didn't particularly care for Bella, she thought Edward was cute (like Nadia, he wasn't at all what she had imagined). In general, she thought the entire cast was easy on the eyes; this was the main appeal of the movie.

She thought the visual effects were "cool" but also fairly corny (that sounds contradictory, but go figure).

Favorite scene - when all the vampires walk into the cafeteria.

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