Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Children's Books in the White House

In today's Los Angeles Times, this article discusses how Malia and Sasha Obama will make the transition to the White House. Here is a wonderful paragraph from the article:

'"Books are a huge bonding between him and his daughters," said Ann Walker Marchant, a friend of the Obamas... Marchant predicted children's literature will find a shelf in the Oval Office. She recalled vacationing with the Obamas on Martha's Vineyard when Sasha asked her father, hoarse from the campaign trail, to read to her. "He could hardly speak but as long as she wanted him to read, he read."'

We already know that President-Elect Obama has read the entire Harry Potter series to his girls; it looks like we children's literature folk have a strong family of advocates in a very high place!


  1. Are there 7 or 8 volumes in the Harry Potter series?