Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lucifer at the Library

Conspiracy theorists and fans of Dan Brown will appreciate this surprisingly well-written look at the "Occult Symbolism" permeating the Los Angeles Public Library's Central Library. Includes photos!

A fine quote from the conclusion:

"To most people, the Los Angeles Public Library is nothing more than a functional building, which happens to be beautifully ornamented. When one understands the occult symbolism displayed around the complex, the Library turns into a temple of illumination, dedicated to occult mysteries and Masonic principles. It is a celebration of the accomplishments of the luciferian elite and of the prevailing of its occult philosophy. The fact that the library is dedicated to secret societies, despite the fact that the LAPL is publicly funded, tells volumes about the true nature of America’s power."

Jeepers! I always wondered about those sphinxes, which are found right outside the door to our Teen'Scape department...

1 comment:

  1. All of that occult stuff wouldn't have a chance with today's city Arts Commission!