Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What if I started a blog and nobody came?

When I was working as a children's librarian in various branches, I had a recurring anxiety dream that the children's area was filling up with children and their families, eager for a storytime that I had totally neglected to prepare for. As they watched, I started frantically searching for books, while minutes and even hours went by and my audience became more and more restless and dissatisfied.

In real life, this wouldn't happen (not only would I be able to gather books together in seconds, but I, like all children's librarians, know enough participation stories, songs, rhymes, and fingerplays to present a storytime without any books at all) - but in anxiety dreams, nothing goes well.

After reading Betsy Bird's enjoyable SLJ article on kidlit blogging yesterday, I had a dream last night that I arrived late to a Kidlit Blogger's Potluck Meeting. Not only was all the food gone, including Monica Edinger's famous cream puffs, but everyone looked askance at the odd rice concoction I brought and only Betsy very kindly and politely tasted it.

Rats - and I thought I had cultivated a very comfortable devil-may-care attitude about this whole blogging thing!


  1. Oh, I don't think the dream means you're anxious about blogging. I think it means you're a natural born storyteller and you've got some of your own stories to tell! btw - do you dream in color?

  2. Oh, I like that interpretation much better! And after all, at least in this dream I was clothed...

  3. My famous cream puffs! Pshaw, In the next dream I'll make a whole batch just for you (and promise you no chalk dust over them --- from The Wednesday Wars, in case you haven't read it).

    Actually, I barely cook or bake. But I could BRING all sorts of yummy treats to a Kidblogger's Potluck. Maybe something connected to Alice? Eat Me Cakes, perhaps?

  4. Themed treats - I could go with that!