Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pizza Delivery Superheroes

The sight of a pizza delivery person is always inspiring, especially when the pizza is coming to you. Even though I haven't yet ordered a pizza from Galactic Pizza on this trip, the sight of these odd little vehicles pulling up to the curb has given me a frisson of excitement all over Minneapolis. Some evening soon, a skinny dude in a skin-tight superhero costume will come to my door, brandishing a Shroomer pizza.

The weather has been fresh and bright, warm with a trace of crisp breeze - fabulous for the natives, but we visitors were looking forward to some major heat and humidity. A trip to the lake yesterday was refreshing, but did not feature the usual hordes of folks sitting in waist-deep water just to get some relief. We'll probably get our wish just in time for our visit to the State Fair, where it just isn't an authentic experience unless you're dripping with either sweat or an afternoon thunderstorm.

We're taking the whole fams out to Quang's tonight for some eggrolls and bubble tea, but first I have to take the high school senior off to Macalester College in St. Paul for a tour of the campus. As I refuse to travel anywhere specifically to look at universities, the poor child will only get to see colleges in the Twin Cities and in Southern California. It's a good thing so much life-long reading has given her a great imagination...

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