Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hunger pangs

Tasty posts:

First, there is Susan (aka The Book Chook) and her "Book Chook Cook Book," filled with tasty, easy, kid-friendly treats (oh, and quotes from children's books as well).

Then there is Anna the Red's masterful "The Lorax" bento box. Her creations always look too gorgeous to eat, but she assures us that she and her boyfriend do indeed consume them.

And this is something of a stretch, but Betsy's Fuse #8 post on a couple of out-of-print books that are being resurrected made me think immediately of Hi, Pizza Man! by Virginia Walter and The Big Fat Worm by Nancy Van Laan, both of which are excellent for storytime and shamefully out of print. Oh, and they're both about eating (see the connection there?) Luckily, both make rather fine flannel board stories.

Hoo boy, I must be hungry. I'll be back when I have some food in my belly.


  1. I love fun bentos like that! A friend of mine has a website for her bentomaking, and conquers all kinds of themes. Here is Keroppi, the Sanrio frog: http://www.aibento.net/2010/02/18/keroppi-bento-454/

    I miss the library, wish I could be knee deep in old cookbooks right now.