Sunday, June 20, 2010

I prefer impertinent posts, myself!

Charlotte of Charlotte's Library awarded me a Pertinent Posts award - thank you! Her posts are always the first I read in my feed reader, always containing great reviews and insightful commentary about children's and YA fantasy, but I guess I can't give her the award in return.

Hmm - I often read blogs precisely because the posts are very different from what I write, but they're what I would write if I had more time or talent, a different job, and so on.

And so I give the Pertinent Posts Award to Marge's Tiny Tips for Library Fun, which has a lovely mix of book reviews, practical and creative tips for practicing children's librarians, and links to interesting posts; to Yo! Venice! for a plethora of short and photo/video-rich posts about my home town; and the Book Chook for tipping me off to all the rich interactive literacy sites that the Internet has to offer.

Hmm, must ponder to whom I'd give an Impertinent Posts Award... Thoughts, anyone?


  1. Much as I love my Pertinent Posts award, I do confess to wishing I was in with a chance for an Impertinent Posts award. Alas, I am all too conscious of not wishing to upset people to be my real, brash self online!

    Thanks for the Award!

  2. I know what you mean - impertinence doesn't come easy to me either (online or offline, actually!).

  3. Thank you so much for the shout-out and award. I nominate Cake Wrecks for the Impertinent Awards!

  4. Works for me! And both Betsy and Travis can be pretty sassy, too...